• Planning

    Everything starts with good planning, where to install and what kind of displays. You should also pay attention to what kind of content you should have. We will help you with all problems.

  • Implementation

    We will install the system and teach you to use it. If needed, we will even do all the content for you. Among other things we are also full service advertising agency. Some of the content may already exist in your website or some other digital location. We will do interfaces for you. And of course you can create content by yourselves.

  • Satisfied customers

    Content management and setting timings is easy with our web-based software. Your advertising and communication is always up to date and your customers will be satisfied.

  • Maintenance and customer service

    System is under constant surveillance 24/7/365. System updates will be done automatically and our customer service will help you with any questions. Our maintenance team and partners will make sure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Monitoring

    You will get a turnkey digital signage system from us, but our service doesn’t end with that. Following up customer and event flows will provide interesting data that will help your business to grow. From our system it is possible to get reports that will increase the effectiviness even more.

Do you already have Digital Signage system with displays and players?

Don’t worry, our storeTV can be operated in system consisting devices from various manufacturers.
You can centrally manage content with one software regardless what player you have. storeTV is compatible for example with these operating systems: Samsung SSSP2, SSSP3 and Tizen, LG WebOS, SBC devices like Raspberry Pi, PC’s with Intel and AMD processors, Linux, Windows
So if you already have invested in devices, our storeTV will most likely be compatible with them without a need to invest in new hardware.

Products create effective result


Digital Signage system in your store contains displays, internal or external players and software to manage the system. Besides these only electricity and internet access are needed.

We provide best possible 24/7 professional displays to each location including video walls and totems.


Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL tags are information displays installed on retail store shelves. Content is managed remotely with our system.

ESL tags are based on ePaper / eInk technology

  • Price information / availability / campaigns will update automatically
  • Easy installation, no wires needed
  • Works well in all kind of lighting
  • Uses power only when updating content
  • Batteries last approximately 5 years

Touch display

Interface on touch display can be fully tailored to customer’s needs. There can also be several queues for different customer types, for example for private and company customers. There can also be other data available, like day’s specials or other campaigns.


Receipt for customer

Customer gets information about how long the queue in receipt. There can also be for example various offers in receipts. 


Interface for Customer service

Your staff logs in to interface with their personal mobile device. Interface works with internet browser, so there is no need to install any programs for this. When they call for next customer the number is presented in specified storeTV displays and in interface. When customer is served, they can add more specific details about problem, for example what was the reason for customer to come in or offered solution.

Queuing data and reports

System collects data about queues and it is possible to get a hour-based report. If there are several active queues, you will see data from all queues and each queue separately and also cumulative amount of customers. You will get reports of queuing times and number of customers, so evaluation is easy.

Because every member of staff has their own user status in system, you can also get report of every staff member’s activities to improve your business.

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions are always tailormade to meet your needs and to help your business. Interactive solutions can speed up customer service or they can create a new demand. They are also excellent to make a wow effect to build a better brand image.

Some examples of interactive solutions are maps on touch displays, displays that start talking when customer comes near or store windows where customer can effect to what happens in window.




Digital Signage system contains displays, internal or external players and software.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL tags are information displays installed on retail store shelves. Content is managed remotely with our system.

storeTV Queueing number machine

storeTV Queueing number machine

For managing customer flows in service desks.

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions for more flexible customer service, more sales and brand building.

Why storetv?

Custom made solutions

All content, solutions and devices can be custom made for your needs. You can choose just the right ones for your needs.

Content production

Besides devices and software we also do content for displays. We can do all the ad agency services for you including photo shoots, 3D and animation.

Easy to manage

storeTV solution includes software to manage your system. It is easy to use online – you can manage your digital signage channels everywhere.

Customer service

storeTV always includes automatic installation, our maintenance service, logistics, 24/7 monitoring, replacement devices and SLA

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