storeTV passer-by calculation

Do you want concrete data on your store's performance in relation to its customer potential? Do you know how your store compares to other stores with different efficiency metrics? Are you interested in comparing the appeal of different presentations or campaigns? Most of the companies in the chain-retail business want to.

Find out the true customer potential of your store

How many people pass by your store, and how many of them come in? If you know that, you'll get one of the most crucial metrics in your store, the number of customers converting in. By tracking this conversion, you can better understand where the differences between sales in different stores come. Checkout data will tell you how the business is going, but do you know which campaigns make the customer stop and enter the store?

Passer-by calculation produces numerical data on the behaviour of customers and potential customers on and near the store surface.

You will receive answers to these questions, among others:

  • Which campaign works and draws the customer to the store?
  • How many customers are affected by your brand message?
  • How many people notice the message and stay close to the store?
  • What percentage of potential customers come to the store?
  • What are the demographics of your customer base?
  • Do changes in the store's displays or campaigns really have an impact?
  • How to compare the performance of different marketing messages (A/B testing)?
  • What are the differences between shops, marketplaces and cities?
GDPR compliant -kuva

GDPR compliant

The system has been built from the ground up to meet all data protection requirements. Passer-by counting is done with the camera's internal neural network processor, which means that no personally identifiable information is transmitted from the camera. The system produces only the results of the person census, anonymous demographic data, and the coordinates of the persons.

Understand your store's customer demographics

The passer-by calculation also collects customer demographic data, which means that you know the age and gender distribution of customers entering the store. Combined with other information generated by the system, you can form a clear picture of what kind of customers the store has at any given time. This data provides opportunities for, for example, more accurate targeting of your marketing messages.

Test what works

When you change the displays or decoration of the store but do not know what affects the customers? Do you know which of your campaigns attracts the most interest?

Thanks to the system, classical A/B testing can be carried out effortlessly and provides easily comparable data. By measuring the number of customers converting to the store, you can verify what works and what doesn't – even in your target demographics.

Test what works -kuva
Design a better serving store layout -kuva

Design a better serving store layout

The layout of the store has a great impact on the customer experience and, above all, on sales.

When you know, based on the collected data, where a certain customer group will go when entering the store, you can design the space and displays to be even more profitable.

Activate storeTV screens or play an audio message

By connecting the interactive displays of the storeTV to the passer-by calculation, you can attract the attention of the passer-by or the incoming customer. You can offer relevant content to the customer by age and gender and track the customer's journey inside the store, allowing you to get confirmation of the effectiveness of the message.

The system can also play an activating voice message, which is triggered when the customer passes by.

Receive reports conveniently to your email

We are sure that you do not want to have another analytics view that you need to log in to when you remember. That's why we send reports to your email. You can choose how often you want to receive reports, and during the implementation phase, you can determine the metrics and key figures that are most important to you.

Documents are easy to share within the organization, and if you need specific data, you can log in to analytics and retrieve data with the parameters you want.

Receive reports conveniently to your email -kuva


Digital Signage system in your store contains displays, internal or external players and software to manage the system. Besides these only electricity and internet access are needed.

We provide best possible 24/7 professional displays to each location including video walls and totems.


Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL tags are information displays installed on retail store shelves. Content is managed remotely with our system.

ESL tags are based on ePaper / eInk technology

  • Price information / availability / campaigns will update automatically
  • Easy installation, no wires needed
  • Works well in all kind of lighting
  • Uses power only when updating content
  • Batteries last approximately 5 years

Touch display

Interface on touch display can be fully tailored to customer’s needs. There can also be several queues for different customer types, for example for private and company customers. There can also be other data available, like day’s specials or other campaigns.


Receipt for customer

Customer gets information about how long the queue in receipt. There can also be for example various offers in receipts. 


Interface for Customer service

Your staff logs in to interface with their personal mobile device. Interface works with internet browser, so there is no need to install any programs for this. When they call for next customer the number is presented in specified storeTV displays and in interface. When customer is served, they can add more specific details about problem, for example what was the reason for customer to come in or offered solution.

Queuing data and reports

System collects data about queues and it is possible to get a hour-based report. If there are several active queues, you will see data from all queues and each queue separately and also cumulative amount of customers. You will get reports of queuing times and number of customers, so evaluation is easy.

Because every member of staff has their own user status in system, you can also get report of every staff member’s activities to improve your business.

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions are always tailormade to meet your needs and to help your business. Interactive solutions can speed up customer service or they can create a new demand. They are also excellent to make a wow effect to build a better brand image.

Some examples of interactive solutions are maps on touch displays, displays that start talking when customer comes near or store windows where customer can effect to what happens in window.




Digital Signage system contains displays, internal or external players, and software.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL tags are information displays installed on retail store shelves. Content is managed remotely with our system.

storeTV Queueing number machine

storeTV Queueing number machine

For managing customer flows in service desks.

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions for more flexible customer service, more sales, and brand building.



High-quality videos and TV ads for your products – automatically

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